1. In case of partial cracking or fracture of the prosthesis, ceramics or bridge structure, as well as the consequences of the defect during the construction. The Dental Clinic will correct the deficiencies at its own expense.
  2. In case of pain of a tooth that has been endodontically treated (endodontics) in our office, and the carrier is a crown or bridge, no later than 12 months from permanent cementation.
  3. Prior to permanent cementation during the fitting, we undertake to eliminate all defects that the patient suggests and that are possible (size, shape, color – only to a darker shade). After consent and permanent cementation, as well as by handing over the prosthetic work, in case of changing the patient’s opinion about the color, material, shape, arrangement of crowns, etc., and if it is not possible to make the desired changes without damaging the prosthetic work, the patient bears further costs of the change.
  4. When the patient follows the instructions for hygiene, he properly maintains the prosthetic work and comes for regular check-ups – at least 2 times in the first year and then once a year. During the works within the warranty period, the practice does not bear any other costs (transport, accommodation, etc.).


1. If the patient does not follow the hygiene instructions as well as non-attendance at the prescribed annual check-ups.

2. In untreated periodontitis, diabetes, epilepsy, chemotherapy, radiation, osteoporosis – which can significantly affect the condition of teeth, mucous membranes and prosthetic works.

3. If the fracture of the prosthetic work or the abutment tooth occurs due to trauma or a fall.

4. Any interventions in another practice on prosthetic work and implants, without our written consent – directly on prosthetic work and implants as well as changes in occlusion and articulation (bite) with irregular fillings, where there is a disproportionate load of prosthetic work or implants.

5. When the patient is familiar with the condition of the teeth, related to prosthetic work (Orthopan, X-ray), which could cause possible complications, and they want to include prosthetic work. These conditions are the most common: nodding of the abutment teeth, inadequate upgrades, treatments, unfilled canals, inactive chronic processes, etc.