Implants are a part of the prosthetic-surgical therapy by which you replace one or more of missing teeth. That are screws mad of titanium which are place in the jaw and after few months (3-5) of coalescence with the bone they can be used for further prosthetic therapy. If there is insufficient amount of bone, the bone needs to be upgraded few months earlier or during the fitting of implants if they have no primary retention. After opening of implants a gingiva for bearing of the superstructure is set up and the procedure takes 10 – 15 days. Superstructure (abtument) or upgrade is first placed on the implant and then we place an individual tooth crown on the superstructure, a tooth crown as a part of the dental bridge or a dental prosthesis linked to the implant with various connections (locator, sphere, crossbar). The tooth crown is usually cemented and it can be linked to the superstructure with miniature screws. Along with the possibility of using the implant as the anchorage for tooth crowns and dental bridges, it can also be used as an anchorage for prosthesis. In my clinic we use several types of high quality implants. The fitting itself is painless and is made with local anesthesia. In the recent time, prosthetic-implanting therapy uses methods of simultaneous installation of implants and prosthesis were we install acrylic denture (prosthesis) on 4 implants, which is after few months replaced with permanent skeletal denture. With special links a new or an existing denture can be anchored to only two implants.