Dentistry – Endodontics

Endodontics is a branch of stomatology which deals with healing and therapy for diseases of dental pulp. By extirpation or nerve extraction (pulp) it is important to clean root canals and fill them in properly. I recommend that to be done in the shortest possible time period (two or three visits or few days) by vital extirpation of the pulp, i.e. by painless treatment where with the help of anesthesia in one visit we remove the pulp with the nerve (vital extirpation), and after few days we fill in the canal. If it due to chronic inflammation comes to necrosis or gangrene the treatment lasts longer. Cleaning of root canals can be done manually or automatically and by phases. When root canals aren’t properly cleaned of filled after a certain period of time it comes to development of an inflammatory process on the tip of the root (apex) and it turns into granuloma or cyst which can rarely be solved without a surgery (cystectomy, apicotomy). Therefore it is very important to show the patient the work flow and the final filling of the canal.