Oral surgery

Oral surgery is a specialized branch of dental medicine which mainly includes procedures like tooth extraction (complicated or simple), as well as removal of impacted or retained teeth (mostly wisdom teeth), removal of pathological parts of teeth, bones and soft tissues such as cystectomy (cyst), apicoectomy (tip of roots). With some surgical procedures we can upgrade lost bone tissue and ridge created at tooth extraction etc., by an artificial or autologous bone (augmentation), after which we usually install implants which were quickly developed and are somewhat responsible for a special branch in oral medicine which is a combination of oral surgery, prosthetics and aesthetic stomatology.  Due to resorption of bone after extraction of teeth in the lateral region of upper jaw it often comes to *lowering of sinuses* which results in inability to install implants. Therefore it is important to form a new bone in that area by the technique called the *sinus lift* and lift the sinus with bone granules which ossify after approx. 6 months and provide thickness which is suitable for installation of implants if the bone thickness under the sinus equals more than 4 mm. Simultaneously with sinus lift and bone upgrade we can install an implant. In that caste the time for the final result >upgrade and crown< is a little shorter.