Aesthetic stomatology

Aesthetic stomatology is a complex branch which provides solutions for deficiencies and disorders in beauty of teeth. ips-emax-press-1a Patients often want to replace old amalgam fillings, facetted crowns and bridges. The replacement of old white fillings is the most common solution in solving teeth aesthetics. If that doesn’t suffice, ceramic veneers and crowns are adequate solution. For veneers and crowns I recommend metal free ceramics (E.max) which in my opinion, has reached the best substation for natural tissues of teets (in terms of aesthetics, function, firmness). It requires minimal drilling of teeth (0.2 mm – 0.4 mm) as opposed to zircon which requires more drilling (0.6 mm – 0.4 mm). That is the reason why I thing E.max crowns are a better solution for gracious teeth (front).