Teeth whitening

Staining of teeth is usually a consequence of food and beverage consumption (tea, coffee), smoking, genetic factors and using antibiotics in the period of dentin development. With or without splints and by using the latest technology (LED lamp White Smile – 12 LEDs) and with verified gels (White Smile, Opalescence). The splints can be used additionally for whitening at home. In one or more visits the teeth can be whitened for several degrees. If the whitening is done without the supervision and unprofessionally it often comes to irreversible enamel, gingiva and periodontal damage. Therefore I would recommend the whitening in two or more visits. After whitening it is important to change visible fillings so they would match the new color, and smear teeth with products such as liquid enamel etc., in order to regenerate the structure of teeth, teeth can be whitened in more than one way. Splints with gel/laser for soft tissues / LED lamps with a certain wave length which activated the gel and speeds up the process. In the clinic I use a high quality lamp in combined with gel or the safer way / lamp with splint and gel.